Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me

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You might not realize it, but The Bearded Man is surprisingly versatile. He’s equally at home chopping down a house-sized redwood by himself (to build a house-sized house of course) as he is lounging at midnight listening to mariachi bands play while sipping on ice-cold margaritas. Like Lost Frequencies, he is a master of his domain. These fine gentlemen want to know: “Are You With Me?"

Music video produced by Soulvizion and Division CM.
soulvizion.com - division-cm.com
Special thanks to Tom Walks for the 3D animations (done in Blender) and
Jarred Land from reduser.net for the launch footage of the STS-135
(Space Shuttle Atlantis).
Credit: stock footage from NASA. Archival footage and image elements are
available for use from the NASA Media and Archives Iibrary under the
'Creative Commons' copyright license.

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